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We report information that you will NEVER see on the MSM. We are a news platform you can TRUST. We report TRUTH.

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| The CEO of Goya Foods Robert Unanue, spoke about the 2020 election fraud during his CPAC speech today and said that Donald Trump is not only his president still, but also the “legitimate” president of the United States.

| Attorney Lin Wood gave a statement written on social media about his thoughts about how the U.S. Military should "declare the election null and void in order to close the curtain on the fake Bribes administration." To read full statement CLICK HERE

| General Michael Flynn issues a NEW statement on election integrity, America First and how Patriots need to get involved. In his statement, General Flynn is suggesting to President Trump what he MUST say in his highly anticipated CPAC speech. To read statement

| A veteran N.J. police officer drove to Atlantic City to have sex with 2 underage girls, ages 8 and 10. Stephen Wilson was arrested in a parking area in Atlantic City where he agreed to meet adults who offered him access to two underage girls to sexually assault in exchange for $200. Child sex trafficking is one of the TOP epidemics in America and worldwide. To read article CLICK HERE

| President Trump is endorsing Max Miller for Congress. Miller is running against Never-Trump douche Anthony Gonzalez who voted for impeachment in January. It’s time for Gonzalez to find new work. To see President Trump's endorsement CLICK HERE

| John Durham to resign from the U.S. Attorney’s Office effective at midnight on February 28. Durham was appointed as Special Counsel in October. To read resignation CLICK HERE

| Mind blowing deep fake technology is bringing still images of DEAD relatives to LIFE.  To see amazing video CLICK HERE

CPAC 2021

TTNM's JJ Flash is currently at CPAC 2021 and here are some of the latest photos.
JJ Flash is in the VIP media section and gathering updates on President Trump.

TTNM understands that millions of Patriots are FED UP with the Republican party because they didn't stand with President Trump. TTNM is at CPAC because President Trump is going to speak and we want to hear him. TTNM stands with President Trump!

JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News Media
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News Media
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News Media
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News Media
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News Media
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News Media
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News Media
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News Media
JJ Flash | CPAC 2021 | Trump Train News Media


This is President Trump’s first public speech since January.

IRAN DEAL: A Repeat Of Obama's Errors In The Middle East |  Rudy Giuliani’s Analysis

Donald Trump Jr. Spoke at CPAC 2021 | FULL Speech

Don Jr. says “Donald Trump is still the future of the Republican Party” and he SLAMS  Turncoat Liz Cheney and attacks Joe Biden 

General Flynn Is Back!

TTNM is posting this informative video from the Patriot channel "Out of the Darkness" because it's about General Michael Flynn's statement on election integrity. We love posting Patriot videos that give good information. To read full statement by General Flynn CLICK HERE

Mel K and Mark Attwood

Mel K and Mark Attwood discussing child sex trafficking and how many world leaders are involved. The movie they are discussing is the "Sound of Freedom" and it's a TRUE STORY that exposes the evil business of child sex trafficking. 

Sound of Freedom Official Trailer

The movie Mel K is discussing in the video above is the "Sound of Freedom". This film needs to be seen by every American.
This film is a TRUE STORY and should be considered an educational film - not entertainment.
Child sex trafficking is real and is a global multi-billion dollar criminal industry. 

The Future: Explaining the Quantum Financial System | QFS

The Cabal will NOT be able to manipulate QFS

| Quantum Gov Webpage: CLICK HERE
| The National Quantum Initiative: CLICK HERE 

| The National Quantum Initiative Act: CLICK HERE

NEW | CANCEL CULTURE: Return of the Salem Witch Trials? | Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell 

SHOCKING SECRETS: Attorney Lin Wood | Explosive Whistleblower Testimony

Attorney Lin Wood reveals MIND-BLOWING information that you never knew about within the U.S. government. From child sex trafficking to  new insight on the explosive whistleblower testimony about Chief Justice John Roberts, Mike Pence, Hillary Clinton and former US Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein. Many people within the U.S. government would like for this information to stay hidden and their secrets locked away forever.

The whistleblower EXPOSES child sex trafficking at the top levels of the U.S. government, a plot to murder judges to pack the U.S. Supreme Court, to the Dirty Trick Squad that uses information to BLACKMAIL politicians. The BOMBSHELL whistleblower testimony is included in this video. MUST WATCH!

EXPLOSIVE: Attorney Lin Wood | Hidden Secrets You Need To Know!

NEW INFORMATION: Attorney Lin Wood reveals his thoughts about the eye-opening and shocking allegations against Justice John Roberts, Mike Pence’s evil betrayals against President Trump, why world-wide CEOs are resigning at an alarming rate during the months of January and February and why he plans to protect attorney Sidney Powell, who is being sued by DOMINION for $1.3 billion. 
SECRET KEY: Unlocks Jeffery Epstein's BLACKMAIL Video Files

This document was given to Attorney Lin Wood. 

The contents describe how to find the Epstein Island blackmail video files for every powerful pedophile in the world who made an acquaintance with sex offender Jeffery Espstein. 

Direct quote from Attorney Lin Wood - "describing Isaac Kappy’s key (or password) to the Jeffrey Epstein blackmail video files.

The key to the files is: “cultstate.com has issued protections on this matter” [inside the quotations].

I posted the key (password) on Parler several weeks ago before I was removed from the site.

I received the information from a credible source who hired me as counsel and his/her identity is and shall remain confidential.

I do not know if my involvement helped reveal the blackmail tapes. I hope it did.

We must stop pedophilia and child sex trafficking. The risk I took was well worth the potential benefit to the world and to children.

I did not involve General Flynn. The key (password) was not used in any manner by me as it relates to Chief Justice John Roberts or Former VP Mike Pence.

My posts related to potential wrongdoing by those officials are based on the evidence of a credible whistleblower not related to the video files." 

Absolute Proof

VIDEO by Mike Lindell | Exposing election FRAUD and the THEFT of America by enemies foreign and domestic

EXPLOSIVE: New Video of Biden's FAKE Oval Office | Castle Rock Studio

The Calm Before The STORM

Exposing Secrets

Judge Dale reveals information that is NOT in our history books,
and the facts he shares may surprise you.


The Act of 1871.
Is the United States a corporation and who is governing America?

How To Steal The Presidential Election 

God Bless the U.S.A. | MAGA

German Reporter | Deep State | Operation Mockingbird | 2/03/21

Operation Mockingbird EXPOSED | TTNM Reporter JJ Flash

U.S. Marines sing "These are the days of Elijah" | 1/30/21

Great video that captures the wonderful spirit of the U.S. Marines that are protecting America. During this momentous time of our earth's history, it is wonderful to see an uplifting energy praising God and sending out the Good News to counteract the evil that is currently plaguing our world. God always WINS! “Be still and know that I am God” Psalm 46:10 

JJ Flash with Don Jr
JJ Flash with Rudy Giuliani
JJ Flash interviewing Dinesh D'Souza
JJ Flash interviewing Cary Poarch
JJ Flash with Allen West
JJ Flash Don Jr Kimberly Guilfoyle
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JJ Flash on the Trump Train
JJ Flash talking to Ricky Rebel
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JJ Flash with Senator Rand Paul
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JJ Flash with James O'Keefe
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JJ Flash with Scott Presler
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JJ Flash with Hogan Gidley

CPAC 2020 | Trump Train News Media's JJ Flash with Hogan Gidley who is a political aide serving as White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary since 2019.